Isle of Skye, Scotland (by _MarionK)


The French Village Build Up! 

Also available as a print :)

Kev and I decided to go to Florida today and go to Busch Gardens tomorrow. Kevin hasn’t been before so it will be fun :) and we get to see papa, he just started chemo this week.

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Jelly Love

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I’m so excited for October :) the first weekend is Savannah’s Oktoberfest, complete with the “annual wiener dog races,” the second weekend and on is the SC state fair, so we will be up in Columbia near my sisters, and there are a few more fall festivals and then Halloween! So pumpkin carving, dressing up, and we actually live in a neighborhood with kids so we can give out candy before going downtown.

Yay autumn :)


Prague, Wenceslas Square by unknown author, 30’s 

Kevin and I went on a tour of the Mercer House today :) It was super pretty. I’m such an old lady lol. Also the gardens are gorgeous OMG if they let people have weddings there I would get married again just to have it in that garden. They don’t allow pictures in the garden or the house so this is the only one I have :p

But yea that was fun :) We might go to another house like that this weekend. Yay old people stuff :D


Assisi, Italy (by Down Under Cove)